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This Pakistani brand just announced creating free of cost protective suits for healthcare workers

As the coronavirus makes its across the country and the government struggles to contain it, doctors deal with high risks each time they see a patient exhibiting symptoms.
But what is being done to protect their lives?
Many of Pakistan’s fashion designers and brands have had to shutdown everyday operations due to the coronavirus pandemic — but now, various firms are reallocating resources to combat the virus’ spread.
After Asim Jofa, Outfitters has come forward to create protective suits for all those healthcare workers on the frontlines to fight Covid-19.
The brand announced that it has "opened up its factory to produce free of cost protective uniforms for our healthcare heroes working for non-profit health institutions".
"We salute our healthcare workers and commit to protecting them while we push through these tough times... Together we can fight this,” said the brand.
Outfitters is the latest brand coming in to help fill the gap, mobilizing its teams to produce supplies needed by health-care workers.
Asim Jofa was the first to take the initiative to flatten the curve with Maheen Khan, Lulusar and Deepak Perwani following suit.
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