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Punjab wants to trial anti-malaria drug on coronavirus patients

 Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid said on Thursday that they wanted to test anti-malaria medicine on coronavirus patients to observe if it is useful.
The minister has advised people to not use any medicine for the cure of COVID-19 infection that caused problems in the respiratory system, saying there is no drug for the new virus.
She said that renowned haematologist Dr Tahir Shamsi is going to conduct an experiment of treating patients through blood plasma technique, which was also used in China during the outbreak.
The Punjab government has granted him permission for the experiment, she added.
Rashid highlighted that the spread of the coronavirus was slow due to the lockdown, adding that 11 patients who have recovered will be discharged today.
Pakistan leads South Asia with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the region, a total of 2,291 till Thursday noon, according to government data, after recording over 76 new cases in past 24 hours.
The death toll related to COVID-19 has reached 31, according to the National Command and Control Centre, while at least 82 patients have fully recovered.

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