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Nadia Jamil reveals she has breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of this difficult disease, with about 1 in 8 women diagnosed in their lifetime.
Celebrities are no exception to this disease and in an unfortunate turn of events, renowned actor and television host Nadia Jamil has revealed that she is fighting breast cancer.
The actor took to Twitter on April 3 to let her fans and followers know.
“Last week, I was diagnosed with cancer and now I’m four days into treatment,” said the Beyhad actor.
Last week I ws diagnosed w cancer. Nw 4 days in2 treatment. In th last few days hv felt all sorts of feelings frm apprehension,fear, unbeatably huge love 2 calm,acceptance,patience,overwhelming gratitude & a deep sense of responsibility 2 my children,parents,loved ones,myself,you
Its stage 1 breast cancer/grade 3 tumour.Regular self checks are important ladies!Please act fast if you feel any abnormalities. Do NOT ever ignore your body,your health. I now await my surgery date & am feeling positive & loved. Please dont worry & take good care of yourselves❤️
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She went on to say, “In the last few days, I have felt all sorts of feelings, from apprehension and fear to unbeatable love to calmness and acceptance. Patience, overwhelming gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility towards my children, parents, loved ones, myself and you.”
Jamil further explained the type of cancer she is battling, along with the stage it is at. She said, “Its stage one breast cancer and grade three tumour. Regular self-checks are important ladies! Please act fast if you feel any abnormalities.”
She concluded her message while giving awareness to other women, requesting them to not ignore the signs. “Do not ever ignore your body, your health. I now await my surgery date and am feeling positive and loved. Please don’t worry and take good care of yourselves,” she said.
We wish Jamil all the love and strength in this difficult time and hope she has a speedy recovery.
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