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Mahira Khan urges people to donate to PM’s coronavirus relief fund

 The Prime Minister has set up a COVID-19 relief fund to help those in need. The Superstar Mahira Hafeez Khan announced that she'd be contributing to the fund to do her part as a responsible citizen of the country.
As Imran Khan rightly pointed out that countrymen who are popular celebrities have a responsibility to the nation that has given the name and acclaim. It's is hence only right that they extend support to their beloved Pakistan as a repayment.
Earlier this week, Mahira Khan took to Twitter and said:
I pledge to donate to Imran Khan, PTI’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund. Anything in anyone’s capacity will make a difference. May we truly see relief for all. InshaAllah.

Earlier, The Load Wedding starlet, Mehwish Hayat had also urged fellow Pakistanis to make generous donations in order to help the needy. She had earlier posted a video on her Twitter account asking people to donate for the doctors fighting this disease so they can be appropriately equipped to treat patients.

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