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Mahira Khan pledges to donate to PM's Corona Relief Fund

The coronavirus pandemic has temporarily put our life on hold, causing companies to practice work-from-home procedures, stores to temporarily shutter and the stock market to plummet.
Amid the crisis, many are pitching in to help — and so are major stars.
Superstar Mahira Khan recently announced that she will be donating to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s COVID-19 relief fund.
Last night she retweeted PM Imran Khan’s tweet and said, “I pledge to donate to Imran Khan, PTI’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund. Anything in anyone’s capacity will make a difference. May we truly see relief for all. InshaAllah.”
The Bin Roye actor’s tweet came after renowned celebrity and Tamgha-e-Imtiaz winner Mehwish Hayat requested her followers to donate to the PM’s relief fund.
Front line medical staff have to have the right protective equipment to fight COVID-19 or the situation will deteriorate rapidly. We need to give what we can to PM’s Relief Fund. Also this is not a holiday-we have to stay at home to save lives.Together we will win this battle! IA
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In a recent video, Hayat urged everyone to contribute as much as they can for the sake of the doctors who are under-equipped amidst the pandemic.
With the situation and economy looking more dire with each passing day, it’s heartwarming to see celebrities offering to help during these hard times!

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