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Jennifer Aniston hasn’t found self-isolating difficult, here's why

Hollywood gorgeous actor lady Jennifer Aniston despite the panic, is enjoying being confined within her home.
During an online interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the 51-year-old Friends actor admitted that while the present situation is nothing less than a ‘nightmare’, one thing she is certainly grateful for is all the extra time she is getting at home. How long has it been since you have left your house?” Jimmy asked.
“It has been, today’s Thursday, today’s three weeks,” Jennifer answered. “You like to be in the house by yourself,” Jimmy noted.
Responding to the observation, the Murder Mysteryactor revealed: “I’m a born agoraphobe. This is kind of a dream…not a dream it’s obviously a nightmare. But, me personally, it’s not been that much of a challenge,” she said.
“The most challenging thing is watching the news and, you know, trying to digest that.” When asked how often she’s been watching the news, Jen shared she’s been doing a “check-in in the morning and then check-in in the evening,” she added. 
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