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Jennifer Aniston gifts coronavirus-positive nurse a $10,000 Postmates gift card

ennifer Aniston has surprised a nurse who tested positive for coronavirus on the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Aniston appeared on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Show to video call Kimball Fairbanks and give some much-needed words of appreciation as the mother-of-two gives her everything in the fight against coronavirus. 
“I kind of felt like I got hit by a train, but I think I just have really mild symptoms,” she said, adding that her “decently manageable” symptoms compare to having both a cold and the flu at once.
Fairbanks then revealed that she hasn’t been able to cook for her family while in self-isolation and has been dependant on food delivery services.
“That’s good cause you know what Jimmy cooked up?” said Aniston quipped. “You’re gonna be getting a $10,000 gift certificate from Postmates.”
Kimmel followed up, “Oh behalf of all of us, I think Jen said it very well, we are very, very grateful to what you and all these health care workers are doing. It’s so far above and beyond. It really is unbelievable.”
Meanwhile on the work front, Aniston was scheduled to cast in a much-anticipated “Friends” reunion special for HBO Max.
However, due to the pandemic, the show has been delayed with reports saying it could start filming in May.
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