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Jazz Sends Safety Kits To Employees As They Work From Home

To ensure employee safety amid the coronavirus outbreak, Jazz sent out safety kits to its workforce as they continue to work from home.
Each Jazz employee received the care package that contained face masks, hand sanitizers, and instructional pamphlets about the disease and preventive measures.
Jazz acquired special permission from the govt to distribute the safety kits during the lockdown. Employees were elated to receive their care packages, with some taking to social media to thank the organization for the caring gesture.
I want to express my personal gratitude for the effort and initiative that Jazz is taking for the well-being of its internal family. We are proud to be a part of this amazing organisation. Thank you @head_of_toys @aamir_ibrahim01 @AliNaseer_1 and team.
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“We want to make sure that all of our employees, who continue to keep the organization running by working from their homes during virus lockdowns, are safe and fully aware of the dangers that the disease poses,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz.
This is just a small token of our care for the entire workforce, he added. “We hope and pray that the country and the world wins its fight against the virus soon.”
This care is not limited to only stay-at-home workers. The organization is making sure that those employees who have to work outdoors, such as at network sites or for complaint resolutions, also follow the most stringent safety protocols.
For that, the company has provided all necessary protective gear to such teams.

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