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HEC & Telcos to Offer Cheaper Internet Packages to Students

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced that it is working with the telecommunication companies to offer data bundles to university students at cheaper rates.
The commission announced this in a series of tweets on Tuesday.
HEC maintained that it has been collaborating with mobile operators to provide students cheaper internet access to educational resources and online classes.
Moreover, it has asked the universities to establish committees to address issues being faced by their students pertaining to online classes during the prevailing situation.
HEC said that it has been closely collaborating with university vice-chancellors to ensure that every course/lectures are online-ready. Moreover, the commission is also working on training of the teaching faculty who are not digitally and technically sound.
It mentioned that the higher education commission is also helping universities set up proper systems for online learning. Those lacking the facility, have been asked to temporarily online classes.

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