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For God’s sake, do not click pictures or make videos during your aid: Faysal Qureshi

Acclaimed Pakistani TV star Faisal Qureshi has requested the people not to click pictures of make video while helping others during coronavirus lockdown.
In a post, the actor said, "For God’s sake, do not click pictures or make videos during your aid. There are people who are only receiving your help out of helplessness. Don’t turn their vulnerability into a publicity stunt for yourself.”
Khudara imdad karty waqt picture ya video na bnayien kuch ayese loug hain jo majbori ki waja sey yeah madad hasil kar rahien hain ..logoon ki majbori ko publicity stunt na bnayien ..aur yeah waqt bari zalim cheez hey
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“Karma is evil," he concluded. 
Earlier this week, Prime Minister Imran Khan had urged the nation to get united to make the fight against coronavirus successful. In his address to the nation on Monday, the Prime Minister said the world is fighting against the coronavirus according to their capacity. He said the only country that has remained successful so far in this struggle is China that put 20 million people under lockdown to overcome the killer bug.
If Pakistan had a similar situation like China, Khan said, he could have shut down the whole cities. However, he added, twenty-five percent of our population lives under the poverty line and an additional twenty percent is on the borderline. 
Imran Khan said no lockdown can be successful if people become unemployed and have nothing to eat. He said coronavirus does not distinguish between rich and poor and everyone will have to play their role in its success.
"We have to fight this war with wisdom and sagacity," the PM said, adding "our biggest strength is faith which has made Pakistan one of the most charitable nations in the world."
Youth is our second strength that can build the future of the nation, PM said. 

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