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Dr. Atta ur Rehman Backs Former UN Envoy’s Claim on How Coronavirus was Created

Former Chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, has also come forward in support of former diplomat, Abdullah Hussain Haroon, saying it is highly likely that the COVID-19 is a bioweapon.
Earlier, the former Foreign Minister, Abdullah Hussain Haroon, had alleged that the virus was developed by countries such as the UK, USA, and Israel in their labs to use it as a weapon against fast-growing China.
From patent numbers to a complete chronology of events that led to the outbreak, the former Ambassador to the UN explained his theory with proofs. 
Here’s the full story:
The renowned scientist has now said that it is possible that the existing virus was synthetically mutated in the lab to make it more lethal and for it to be used as a bioweapon.
Pakistani scientist Dr. Atta ur-Rehman: It is quite probable, though not proven, that was made in UK or US as a bioweapon. Ex-ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon also explained that outbreak is a Western conspiracy to undermine China.
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He has said that there’s evidence suggesting research was being done in a military laboratory in the US for bioweapons, where leakage occurred following which the laboratory was sealed. Talking further, he said that it wasn’t 100% sure whether it was natural or man-made to be used as a weapon.
The former Minister for Science and Technology also claimed that there is evidence that it didn’t originate in Wuhan but, laboratories in the UK and the US were involved in this bioweapon program.
In his interview, he also mentioned Abdullah Hussain Haroon and shed light on how he has also tried to unearth the conspiracy by certain Western countries to defame China.
In his column for a local news website, Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman said that we may never know the truth even if the theory is real.
According to other conspiracy theories, these strains of the coronavirus were accidentally released from US or Chinese laboratories where bioweapons programs were underway. However, this is mostly conjecture, and there is no solid proof that any of the claims are correct. We may never know the truth.

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