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COVID-19: India leads South Asia with most number of coronavirus cases & deaths

 India leads South Asia region as the death toll due to COVID-19 in the world's second largest nation rose to 124 and the total number of confirmed cases reached 4,789, the country's health ministry said Tuesday evening.
"As on 6:00 p.m local time today, 124 deaths related to novel coronavirus have been recorded in the country," reads the information released by the health ministry.
On Tuesday morning, the number of COVID-19 cases in the country was 4,421 and the death toll was 114.
According to health officials, so far 353 people have been discharged from hospitals after showing improvement.
The coronavirus, COVID-19, is affecting 199 countries and territories around the world and 1 international conveyance (the Diamond Princess cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan). More than 76,000 people have died and nearly 1,400,000 infected by the disease as it spreads rapidly to new territories. The epicentre of the outbreak has now shifted from China to Europe and US, which are recording a rapid rise in new cases every day. At least 293,500 people have also recovered from the mysterious illness.
India is followed by Pakistan, which has so far confirmed a total of 4,008 cases and 55 deaths. At least 436 patients have fully recovered, according to the National Command and Control Centre.
Sri Lanka, where 185 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, has delayed scheduled parliamentary elections and banned all incoming flights for two weeks in an attempt to stem the spread of the coronavirus. The country has also confirmed 6 deaths due to coronavirus.
Afghanistan has so far officially reported 423 cases of coronavirus and 14 deaths in the country amid an influx of people returning home from Iran, one of the world's worst hotspots for coronavirus infection, hoarding and supply shortages.
Bangladesh has so far confirmed 17 deaths due to COVID-19, with a total of at least 164 people infected, according to government officials.
Maldives has confirmed 19 cases of COVID-19; Nepal, 9; and Bhutan 5.

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