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Coronavirus: Monkeys descend from Margalla Hills to find food

Monkeys existing in federal capital's lush green Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) have descended to residential areas in search of food after the metropolis embraces virtual lockdown due to coronavirus.
Assistant Director IWMB Sakhawat Ali said the area residents of sectors F-6 and F-7 were making complaints about the monkeys entering into the local apartments.
After the lockdown, he said, there was a decline in the number of visitors and hikers visiting the MHNP whereas the visitors used to feed eatables to the monkeys. "It is not a good practice though as human-fed food item will have bad impacts on their health. Monkeys have been in the National Park for centuries and there is no better alternate to natural diet for the monkeys." He added that the entire city before it's establishment was their habitat which was maimed by human settlements.
Sakhawat mentioned that monkeys were not hostile to human beings rather they attack or become offensive when someone try to hurt them.
He advised the masses to stay calm while encountering any monkey and keep food items inside their stores.
The people should also take care of their clothes hanged outside laundry. "Monkeys have this habit to take away clothes left outside a house if they found nothing in search of food." He went on to mention that monkeys used to enter IWMB offices at the Trails and remove the lid of roof water tanks.
The IWMB Assistant Director also mentioned that some people were still visiting the Trails especially Trail-3 which was dangerous amid the pandemic of Corona virus. "People are parking their cars across the Ataturk Avenue and entering the National Park through different routes."
He urged the masses to stay at home and practice social distancing to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.
It merits mention here that wildlife species had also ventured into human territories after complete lockdown in different countries across the world. Wild boars in Spain, Pumas in Argentina, Wild Goats in the United Kingdom and Elephants in India were moving into human established areas as people were isolated at their homes to avoid contracting corona virus.

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