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China Three Gorges Corporation donates medical supplies to NDMA

The China Three Gorges Corporation (CTGC) Tuesday donated emergency medical supplies to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to help Pakistan fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Naghmana A. Hashmi on behalf of the NDMA received the certificate of handing over of donations from CTGC Chairman Lei Mingshan.
Deputy Director General, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yao Wen, other senior Chinese government officials and corporate sector representatives were also present on the occasion.
The China Three Gorges Corporation is a leading Chinese enterprise engaged in several power projects worth US$ 6 billion in Pakistan. The donated medical supplies valuing RMB 10 million include a vast quantity of disposable surgical masks, N-95 masks, protective clothing and portable ventilators.
The critical medical supplies aimed at reinforcing Pakistan’s disease prevention and control measures in its fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, would be transported via several special flights chartered by the CTGC in coming days.
Speaking on the occasion, the participants underscored that the medical supplies donated by CTGC were a demonstration of strong commitment and support the Chinese government, corporate sector and general public had extended to Pakistan in its fight against COVID-19.
Appreciating Pakistan’s strong moral and material support to China in the early phase of COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, the participants reaffirmed China’s firm resolve to stand by Pakistan during its fight against COVID-19.
Thanking the participants for their warm sentiments of goodwill and support, Ambassador Naghmana Hashmi appreciated the CTGC for its generous contribution to improve Pakistan’s capacity in its efforts to curb and contain the viral epidemic.
She highlighted that the Pakistan Embassy, over the past few weeks, had received overwhelming donations of critical medical supplies from the cross-section of Chinese society thereby adding another chapter to the two countries’ history of bilateral ties.

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