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US confirms more than 100,000 infections of coronavirus cases

The United States (US) now has the most known coronavirus cases of any country in the world.
US has overtake Italy and China, with more than 100,000 infections and over 1,695 deaths
According to Johns Hopkins University Research Center based in Baltimor, worldwide, confirmed cases rose above 596,350 with 27,343 deaths.
In Italy, total cases reported so far are 86,498, with 9,134 deaths. Over 900 new corona virus deaths recorded in a single day in Italy.
Similarly in China 81,394 cases reported with 3,295 deaths. In Spain 65,719 cases reported with 5,138 deaths.
Meanwhile, scientists and researchers have warned that Coronavirus may kill over 1.86 million people by the end of year if effective efforts are not made to control its spread.
China today bared entry of foreigners for a temporary period over a surge in imported cases.
In Iran,144 new deaths from Coronavirus were reported today bringing the official number of fatalities to 2,378.
Health Ministry of Iran also confirmed 2,926 new infections across the country bringing the the overall confirmed cases to at least 32,332.

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