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Russia, US discuss closer collaboration against coronavirus as global toll soars over 37,500

 Unites States (US) and Russia discussed closer collaboration in the fight against coronavirus.
In a statement, the Kremlin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump in telephonic conversation expressed serious concern over the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the world.
Both the leaders informed each other about measures taken in their countries to counter this threat.
Meanwhile, amid harsh lockdowns to halt the spread of the coronavirus around the worldwide, the death toll reached to 37,500 and the number of confirmed infections cases passed 780,000.
In Italy the death toll reached to 11,591, while the total number of infections surged past 100,000 with 4,050 new cases reported.
In Spain, over 800 people died reaching the toll to 7,340 - while in Iran's deaths toll reached to 2,757.
The US has over 159,000 confirmed infections, highest in the world.

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