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Nauman Ijaz shares his thoughts on Coronavirus outbreak

Going through the current chaotic situation, Pakistani actor Nauman Ijaz has recently shared his thoughts about the West have changed ever since the pandemic outbreak.

According to Nauman Ijaz, he thought only the people of Pakistan were ignorant when it came to basic living but he has now realized otherwise. “Corona has unveiled one thing. Earlier I used to think ignorance was only present in Pakistan. But with Corona now I understood that even those who speak English are pretty ignorant as well,” says the Mera Saaein actor.

Nauman Ijaz slammed the way people in the US and UK had reacted to the lockdown and raided supermarkets, taking their fill and leaving none for others.
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Nauman also talked about Italy and expressed how people there had taken everything very lightly only to realize the damage later. He also prayed for all the countries affected by the virus and hoped that the pandemic will be over soon.
Stay Home, Stay Safe. 

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