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A 60ft Enthralling Surprise that Jazz has for you!

 When it comes to facilitating customers, be it in any way, Jazz has always found itself to be in the front row. Continuing this tradition, Pakistan’s largest telecom operator and the company that plans to change the digital landscape of Pakistan, Jazz has done something truly remarkable and indeed a first of its kind – with the installation of a 60ft slide within one of the most iconic points in Lahore, Packages Mall, Jazz has taken its Super 4G Speed to be felt in actuality with the slide. The purpose is to turn your regular and boring escalator ride into a fun one.
The 60-foot Jazz branded slide was installed and is already opened for public used by many on a daily basis. Unveiled in the presence of company’s senior management and, of course, an overwhelming crowd of shoppers, the slide became the centre of attention for people of all ages. Shoppers, instead of using the escalators, can now take the slide for a fast and fun descent to the down floor. A rather creative approach towards branding that the Pakistani market is seeing for the first time, people of all ages and backgrounds seem very excited to slide down the Super 4G slide, to get a taste of what the Super 4G experience is all about.   
“We know how much people love Jazz and besides the usual stuff we do to cater to their needs better, we found it more fun to install this slide and add a little flavour to the shoppers’ experience,” said Zainab Hashim, Jazz. “While we continue to design and deliver innovative products and services tailored around people’s evolving needs, we will also not hesitate from going the extra mile to bring a little joy to people’s lives.”
Jazz is Pakistan’s largest cellular company with the fastest data network, with numerous speed test to its name given by the renowned International body, OOKLA. The installation of the Super 4G slide gives shoppers a taste of the operator’s super-fast data services. So the next time you are in Packages Mall, do experience the slide to get a glimpse of how your life would look like if you too were on the country’s fastest data network.

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