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Zafar Mirza warns pharmacies against hiking prices of face masks

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Health Services, Regulation, and Coordination Dr Zafar Mirza Saturday warns that health ministry to take serious notice of a high increase in prices of face masks in different cities.
He ordered a crackdown on those involved in black marketing for their personal interests of business. Talking to a private news channel, Dr Zafar Mirza assured that the government has launched a crackdown on such elements involved in a price hike and black marketing of the equipment.
“There had been a tremendous spike in the demand for face masks in the initial days owing to the panic and fear spread among the people”, special assistant to PM said.
He said masks and medication would be made accessible to the masses, adding, the country would not face any shortage of equipment as government taking all possible measures on an emergency basis.
Zafar Mirza said, stocks of overpriced Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) against Coronavirus are seizing during a countrywide raid against elements involved in illegal profiteering.
Our supply team has been diligently attempting to source and procure new stock with our suppliers who are supporting as quickly as they could cope with production and shipment of significant quantities, he added.
“The federal government and all the provinces are together. We are ready to deal with this epidemic”, he added.
“This is the time to work together”, he appealed adding, “We all together to deal with this issue”.
He urged media to play a major role in educating people.

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