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Wasim Akram is proud of Shaniera's successful campaign for a clean beach

Around five months ago, Shaniera Akram shared the nasty medical waste that had been dumped at Karachi's Sea View beach and since then she had joined forces with many to take action.
"Our beach is a bio-hazard zone and needs to be shut down immediately. I am so sorry to the people including myself who use and love our beach but this is beyond safe," she had previously said.
Many volunteers and the Sindh Government then came together to clean up the beach. And while it looked like a gruelling task, they have managed to get rid of all the waste.
Husband Wasim Akram took to Twitter to laud the efforts and share the happy news that Clifton beach is finally clean.
He attached his video with a note saying, "Thanks to Shaniera⁩ for initiating this needful campaign and to all government officials and massive thank you to workers who come there every morning to make it look the way it is now."
"This could be anywhere in the world. It's a beautiful beach, it's a clean beach. Credit to all of the people who have been involved," said Akram.
"This is proof that if we all unite and make a resolution, be it as a neighbourhood or as a nation, we can achieve it. So well done Karachi, we got a clean beach."
A very delighted Shaniera shared the post adding, "I’m so proud!! What a city we have!"
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