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Rawalpindi to Become the First Division to Take Digital Pakistan Initiative

Digital Pakistan is Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ambitious flagship projects which, like five million houses for low-income people, requires a lot of doing for realization.
However, the government has started taking baby steps towards it, and the Rawalpindi division is the first to take the initiative.
Both, city Police and the administration, have started digitizing the public service process in their respective manners.
The Rawalpindi police have started installing ‘Madadgar’ (Helper) devices in police stations to facilitate the public. These devices have a ‘Madadgar’ button.
If a complainant at a police station fails to get a response in time, he can press the ‘Madadgar’ button, which will send an emergency call to senior police officers of the district.
Civil Lines ASP Benish Fatima gives a briefing on Madadgar Digital Device. PHOTO: EXPRESS
The emergency call and SOS message will be forwarded to the senior command, including the RPO and district and circle police officers. This way, the staff at the police station will think twice before ignoring any complaints.

Qeemat Punjab App

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The Rawalpindi administration, on the other hand, has also test-launched the ‘Qeemat Punjab’ app which offers online shopping of fruits and vegetables at government rates.
According to Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi, Saifullah Dogar, the app is now offering free home delivery.
He said that the option of home delivery is being tested in selected areas of the city which will be expanded across the city in the next phase.

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