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Pakistan, China hold joint naval exercises in North Arabian Sea

Pakistan and China have kicked off a nine-day joint naval exercise in the North Arabian Sea.
The exercise, dubbed "Sea Guardians-2020," started in the port city of Karachi to build a safe maritime environment and enhance the two navies' capability to deal with maritime terrorism and crime together, the PLA Daily reported on Monday.
The Chinese troops mainly come from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Southern Theater Command Navy, including guided missile destroyer Yinchuan, guided missile frigate Yuncheng, comprehensive supplement ship Weishanhu, submarine rescue ship Liugongdao and two vessel-based helicopters.
Pakistan will have two frigates, two missile boats, a fixed-wing anti-submarine aircraft and two vessel-based helicopters in the drills.
They will conduct joint cruising, air defense, maritime interception, anti-submarine and live-fire shooting exercises at sea.

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