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Iran to host technology investors from 8 countries including Pakistan and India

Iran on Saturday said technology investors from eight countries Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Lebanon, India and Syria will attend the second meeting of TIM 2020 technology investors in Tehran.
Managing Director of the Iranian International Tech Market Mohammad Reza Hosseini said these countries can create joint-funds between member states which are not limited to a single geographical location to help reduce the impact of sanctions mainly under the current circumstances where the country suffers from the cruel sanctions and the importance of presence of foreign investors in the country and the need for financial exchanges will be heeded.
This event provides a platform for the use of smart money for transactions between Iran and other countries, he said. 
The international event to be attended by 20 foreign investors and some 100 domestic investing companies, he said adding that the meeting will be held in English.
It will be a good opportunity for those companies active in the field of technologies, investors and entrepreneurs who mind to become familiar with the experiences and opportunities of in different countries and are determined to expand their communication network.-IRNA

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