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Armeena Khan opens up about her struggle of dealing with eating disorder

Being an actor or a singer requires being in the spotlight. It’s part of the job description. With that spotlight comes the pressure to fulfil unrealistic body image requirements.
It’s unhealthy for the individual itself and it’s unhealthy for the public. It perpetuates the myth that we must conform to a particular size and ideal of what’s considered beautiful. It sends an unhealthy message to children and young adults when they are most impressionable. And it can fuel the fire of mental illness – especially depression, anxiety and eating disorders.
For those who’ve experienced their personal struggles with mental and physical health, we are grateful that they have honestly and bravely told their story as a way to raise awareness and remove the stigma of mental illnesses.
Armeena Khan has also decided to share her struggle of dealing with eating disorders earlier in the previous decade.

Sharing a picture of herself from when she weighed 39 kg, the Janaan actor detailed her battle in a lengthy caption.
“This decade, I conquered eating disorders (exacerbated by my media job), anxiety (nearly) and low self-esteem (that’s right, I had it),” she wrote, revealing how her job as an actor contributed to worsening her condition before she took control of the situation.
She further shared how she “was a size 00 weighed 39 kg and severely malnourished. I was very sick. I’m sharing this story not as a victim but as a victor. I conquered these and so I class them as some of my biggest achievements these last few years.”
“I am happy in my skin now, I meditate and I eat healthy and I have a general feeling of well-being. The purpose is to tell you all that you are beautiful no matter what shape or size you are, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The most important thing in this world is your health,” Khan continued.
Concluding her post by offering support to all those suffering from the same infirmity, Armeena said, “To all those suffering from these horrible ailments, I’m sending you BIG hugs, positive energy and I pray that you may prevail. Ameen,”
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