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You Can Now Earn Up to $7,000 If You Find Bugs in OnePlus Smartphones

OnePlus, in order to improve the security of its products and services, has announced a bounty program called the OnePlus Security Response Center (OneSRC).
Under this program, the company will pay you $50 to $7,000, if you discover and report bugs in OnePlus devices. The amount of reward depends on the type of bug you discover. Overall, bugs have been divided into five categories.
Bug TypeReward
Special casesup to $7,000
Critical$750 to $1,500
High$250 to $750
Medium$100 to $250
Low$50 to $100
OnePlus has announced that the reward will be “determined based on vulnerability severity and actual business impact.”
The main reason behind this program are the multiple security breaches OnePlus had to deal with in recent years. Due to this, the company has announced a partnership with HackerOne (a bug bounty platform).
This will help the BBK-Owned firm gain insights from researchers and experts around the world. The initial program of this collaboration will start in 2020.
If you are interested in knowing more about this policy you can visit here and in case you want to submit a bug report go to this form page.

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