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Xiaomi Patents a Mi Mix Alpha Successor

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha, launched in 2019, was nothing but a show of innovation and design that depicts how future smartphone models might be. The smartphone is priced at €2560 i.e. more expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X.
However, it looks like Xiaomi is trying to make things more accessible to consumers around the world. The Chinese smartphone maker is working on a smartphone with a complete 360-degree display and under-screen camera technology, based on a series of recently approved patents by WIPO (discovered by LetsGoDigital).

The patents mainly focus on the user interface which indicates that the smartphone maker has already made it to the advanced stages of development.
As far as the design of the patented smartphone is concerned, it comes with extremely thin bezels. However, this means that the smartphone will be more vulnerable as compared to smartphones with metallic bodies.
The underside of the smartphone runs in a drop shape which is clearly depicted by the side design of the smartphone displayed in the image. The bottom of the smartphone will have space for a stereo speaker and a USB Type-C port. The microphone is placed on top though. Based on the patents, the smartphone lacks physical buttons and there is no compartment for the SIM card and memory card, obviously hinting at the fact that the smartphone will work with an eSim.
There are no visible camera sensors on the patent designs, which of course means that the OEM is planning to install the main camera sensor and the selfie camera under the display. However, we don’t know if the smartphone will ditch the flashlight or the company has something else in mind.
Even though the above-mentioned information is based on a patent, from the looks of it, the Company has been working on it for a while now. Analysts are speculating this smartphone to be the successor of Mi Mix Alpha launched this year, which only leaves us more excited for the device.

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