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WHISPER introduces its mattress with customizable firmness

WHISPER introduces its mattress with customizable firmness
 It’s a fact – most couples disagree on how firm their mattress should be.  He may like a really firm bed; she, on the other hand, may prefer something on the softer side.  If finding the perfect bed is a tough enough task for a sole sleeper, then choosing the best mattress for a couple with mismatched preferences is double as hard. Well, think again.
WHISPER, the UAE’s mattress e-commerce pioneer, has this sorted out. Taking innovative engineering and design to the next level, WHISPER developed its mattresses with customizable firmness. The WHISPER mattress features a modular design that allows a sleeper to flip the DNA core foam on his/her side of the bed to make it firmer or softer.  With adjustable individual firmness on each side, WHISPER customers get two firmness options in a single mattress.
“If you and your partner still can't come to an agreement on a mattress feel, then WHISPER is the perfect choice for you,” Dominik Zunkovic, Founder of WHISPER, said.
“Our larger mattresses contain two separate DNA cores so partners can adjust their own side independently of the other.  All you have to do is find the zipper at the head of the mattress, then unzip the entire top cover, which also has our patented Quantum foam inside. Now, you will see the DNA core inside, which is covered by a white fabric. The WHISPER mattress comes with the soft side up by default. If this setting is too soft for you, you just need to flip the DNA core, which has a firmer green foam on the bottom. With the green foam now facing up, zip up the cover again, and voila, your WHISPER mattress is now firmer.”
Not only will couples find exceptional value in WHISPER offering a tailored approach to beds for two, the brand’s breakthrough innovation – the open-cell Quantum foam – is an industry-leading feature that makes WHISPER mattress truly stand out in the market.  Highly sensitive and responsive, Quantum foam cradles the sleeper, adapting to the shape of his body to provide pressure point relief and complete contouring comfort.  Unlike memory foam, Quantum foam is an open-cell foam that is breathable, allowing heat and sweat to dissipate for a cosy and comfortable sleep throughout the night. 
While several studies have already established the link between poor slumber and a variety of health problems, experts are increasingly shedding light on how sleep loss is also impacting relationships.  A UC Berkeley research published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal has found that people are much more likely to lash out at their romantic partners over relationship conflicts after a bad night’s sleep.  Another study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) revealed that sleep issues and relationship problems tend to occur simultaneously. 
“Missing out on deep, relaxing sleep can create an invisible divide between you and your partner, as well as impact your health. While small doses of compromises can be a good thing in any relationship, sleep is that one thing we should never compromise.  When you sleep better, you wake up refreshed and energized to take on the day.  You live better and you are at your best self, whether as a partner, an office colleague and so on.  This is why sleep is more paramount to your relationships than you think,” Dominik commented.
WHISPER, borne out by decades of research from professional sleepers and material engineers, has successfully been leading the charge in mattress innovation.  Using the perfect blend of modern technology and high-quality materials, the company has been consistently delivering on its promise of cooler,
cleaner, pain-free and more supportive sleep without fail.
In addition to the customizable DNA core and open-cell Quantum Foam, WHISPER also uses thermoregulating fabric in its mattress, which further ensures the optimal temperature for a good night’s sleep.  The mattress also boasts WHISPER’s silver technology, that is, it is made with real silver, which helps eliminate bacteria and microbes, prevents dust mites as well as gets rid of odours.  The brand’s Original Premium Mattress features its patented Silver Shield Technology to prevent EMF sleep disturbance.
On top of all these, WHISPER offers a 100-night risk-free sleep trial with money back guarantee.  The mattress also comes with a 12-year warranty for complete customer satisfaction.

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