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Turkey starts to use robots for health exams in 2020

Turkey starts to use robots for health exams in 2020
Robots start to assume preliminary health examination in Turkey as of January-July 2020, the Turkish deputy health minister said on Thursday.
Before patients go to a doctor, robots will diagnose illness of patients to decide the right department for them, Dr. Suayip Birinci stressed during the third Istanbul Economy Summit.
He noted: "Artificial Intelligence (AI) diagnoses faster and more accurate than doctors in some areas, and there are global investments in this field." Doctors' mistakes are among the main problems in the health sector, and as of next year, AI-based devices will meet around 20% of medical demands, he underlined.
In Turkey, 47% of people use mobile phones and 38% use internet for searching hospitals and doctors, while 77% of them get doctor's appointment via online services, the deputy minister expressed.
Turkey reached the highest rate of satisfaction by spending the minimum money for this global transformation in the health sector, he added.
The one-day Istanbul Economy Summit, organized at the Ciragan Palace under the main theme of "Are we ready to the new world order?" is hosting 500 businesspeople from 10 countries.
The summit is expected to generate $1 billion business volume between domestic and foreign firms.
As part of the summit, experts, officials and representatives from the business world will discuss several trending topics related to the global economy.

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