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PM Khan’s Nephew Spotted In Lawyers’ Attack On PIC

PM Khan’s nephew spotted in Lawyers’ attack on PIC
Hassan Niazi, the nephew of Prime Minister Imran Khan was also spotted during the lawyers who attacked Punjab Institute of Cardiology that turned violent and resulted in deaths of at least 12 people.
Hassan Niazi was seen smiling between two fellow colleagues at jail road in front of the hospital. Taking to twitter, Hassan confessed that he was there among the lawyers who attacked the PIC but said that he remained limited to just protest against the doctors and did not smash windows at the hospital.
He also said he was feeling ashamed after seeing videos of devastation at the hospital.
“After watching this clip I feel ashamed of myself. This is murder!!! My protest and support was limited to initiation of legal action against the concerned doctors. I only stand for peaceful protests. It’s sad day and I condemn my own self for supporting this protest now,”.
Earlier, the ATC sent 46 lawyers to jail on 14 day judicial remand for attacking Punjab Institute of Cardiology.

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