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Nida Yasir launches her own clothing line

Nida Yasir launches her own clothing line
The popular Morning TV show host Nida Yasir has just launched her clothing line for the beautiful winter season. The clothing lined is named as NYC by the TV actor. 
Speaking about how Nida got the idea for her own clothing line, the actress added “I have always found the season of winter to be romantic yet filled with nostalgia. The cool breeze and the rustling of the leaves along with the overall colours of the season's fall/winter are enough to invoke inspiration in anyone. I sat with my creative team and we brought together all the elements that make this collection so vibrantly beautiful. Before we knew what was happening, we had a whole collection in front of us and we are very excited to bring you NYC.”

She further added on “I have always wanted to reach out to every woman and every household in Pakistan at some level. I feel I am very blessed for this connection and it has made my morning show the sole contender on the airwaves right now. It was time to forge new bonds with the audience and hence NYC.”
Nida Yasir’s brand NYC is live and currently taking order online, speaking about her online order she said “We are in the process of developing our website to facilitate our clientele further and definitely looking at a flagship store in future but for now we are focusing on social media for orders and deliveries, We are already taking orders internationally and have already received inquiries from all over the world. Our first international clients are Canada and France based.”
Nida thinks Pakistani women are conscious of their clothing and that is why she has launched her clothing brand so that her clothes can speak for themselves with all the colour.
Speaking about her experience, Nida Yasir said that “This is one experience that I would like to hold on to because I feel very passionately about this venture. It ignites my creativity on a very different level and I love working with my creative team. I am extremely humbled with this experience and would love to expand it into all different directions to bring more products for our clients.”
Nida Yasir is not the first Pakistani celebrity to launch a clothing brand, many other celebs had already come up with the clothing brand idea including the Hocane sisters and twin stars Aiman and Minal Khan. 
NYC is live and to place your orders, you can visit their Facebook Page or Instagram Page for buying the clothes online. 
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