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New function in Google search: Bookmark films in Watchlist

      Google on the smartphone. (Photo: mama_mia /
Film and series fans will soon be pleased about a new function on the Google Search results pages. Because there Google allows the easy bookmarking of content in a watchlist.
Google users who like to watch films and series and want to keep an overview in view of the numerous offers can expect a new function on the search engine’s results pages with the so-called watch list. The feature appears in the form of icons in the Knowledge Panel for corresponding search queries via Google. If you are looking for a film or a series, you can either mark it as seen or add it to the watchlist. The whole thing is then saved in Google’s bookmarking function, as 9to5Google reports.

Watchlist: Bookmark films via Google

But that’s not all. For films or series that can be viewed on YouTube, the user can access the content directly via a corresponding link. Prices are given for films that are subject to a charge. If a film is currently being shown in the cinema, Google adds a button that can be used to buy tickets in the cinemas. The function should also be usable across other platforms of the search engine giant, such as in Google Maps.
If you click on the watchlist icon to put a title on the list, a corresponding collection is created according to 9to5Google. The covers of the films and series stored there can also be found there. In the future, Google will then show on the search results pages information about which films and series are already on the user’s watchlist or which they have already seen. You can also scroll through the title list in search of inspiration. The bookmarked titles on the watchlist can also be shared with other users.

Watchlist function is currently still being tested

According to information from US media and postings on Reddit, Google is currently testing the function on a number of users. So far, however, the watchlist only appears to be accessible in the Google mobile app (Android and iOS) and in mobile search, as Engadget writes. When the function will be officially announced and when it will be available to a wide range of users – including in Germany – is still unclear.

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