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Faysal Bank Introduces Velocity and Blaze Credit Cards

Faysal Bank has introduced its new set of credit cards: Blaze is the new gold variant and Velocity is the silver variant.
Not only will customers receive all the benefits they were originally getting with their MC2 cards, but they will also receive double smile points on every transaction for special categories.
For those who decide to go for a Velocity Credit Card, they will receive double smile points on utility payments on every transaction while Blaze Credit Card users can earn double smile points on apparels. However, that’s not all.
Faysal Bank has alliances with over 300 outlets, ranging from food to hotel bookings. Check #FaysalBankDiscounts and you’ll understand why these alliances are important. To give an example, Faysal Bank offers a 40% discount on Pearl Continental restaurants like Jason Steak House and Sakura (valid till December 31, 2019).
Every time you use your cards, you will be stacking up smile points that can be instantly redeemed at the point of sale at over 300 merchant outlets. Credit cards offer convenience and speed in digital banking, which is an important factor.
These cards were launched right after Faysal Bank introduced its smile campaign. With so many lifestyle and food avenues available with amazing discounts, Faysal Bank’s new credit cards are truly resonant with a better half!
If you want to apply for Blaze and Velocity Credit Cards, you can visit the links below:

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