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Actor Fatima Sohail seeks FIA help over 'disgusting leaked' video

Actor Fatima Sohail seeks FIA help over 'disgusting leaked' video
A video circulating on Whatsapp has created quite a stir on social media. The video quickly spread through as a private, intimate clip of actor Fatima Sohail.
In such a conspiracy loving country of ours, people are coming up with theories based on Sohail's history with former husband and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider. While some empathized with Sohail, others commended Haider for having made the ‘right’ decision.
On Friday night, Sohail finally responded to the controversy. She took to Instagram to rubbish all the tittle-tattle, labeling the video inappropriate and doctored. She also said that she has filed a complaint to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to investigate the situation.
"Recently an inappropriate video is trending falsely with my name recently. I have nothing to do with this video and surprisingly the lady in the video does not even resemble me,” she wrote.
She also mentioned that according to FIA 's forensic report, the video shows someone else.
“I have taken a legal action and filed a complaint with the FIA , and as per their forensic report this is some other lady. We are now investigating and will soon share who circulated this video and tried to defame me.”
She also shared the copy of the complaint, saying,“I am disgusted to know how low someone can stoop. These people should be taught a lesson so they think a hundred times before accusing someone!”
In the end, she thanked FIA for their efforts in helping her to resolve the issue.
“Thank God we have units like FIA cyber crime. In fact, what would I have done without such a reputable and strong cyber crime support to validate my claims?”, wrote Fatima.
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