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5 of the best Christmas ads from the UK and US for 2019

It’s that time of year again when all the big corporations try to wiggle their way into your emotions in the run up to Christmas. In the process, they help you to part with your hard-earned cash on all that shopping you are going to do or have already done!
Some festive ads are better than others, especially when ET comes to visit after 40 years and a six-year-old girl gets to communicate with some real reindeer. Never mind that Brussels sprouts go out on protest, while a carrot entertains us. There there’s Mariah Carey who wants nothing else for Christmas but Walkers Crisps, while stiffing one of Santa’s elves. Finally, there’s Iceland, getting onto the “Frozen 2” money-making train to sell their frozen food!

1. ET comes home for Christmas

I hate to break this to you, but it’s been 40 years since ET last came to visit. Now he has come back to visit Elliot and his family for the festive season and it turns out he now has family too.

2. Microsoft – Lucy speaks to the reindeer

In this charming Christmas ad, Lucy is shown how Microsoft technology can allow you to communicate with people who speak a different language. She decides to try it out on some reindeer and naturally asks way too many questions.

3. Aldi: Brussels sprouts protest as the carrot entertains us

In the past, in the UK at least, Brussels sprouts have been the main star of Christmas dinner, along with the turkey and Christmas pudding. This year other vegetables are taking over, so the sprouts protest.
We then get entertained by a carrot and his friends with vistas of delicious food. The pounds are already piling on, just watching the ad! One amusing comment on YouTube came from Pascal the Parsnip, who wanted to know why he wasn’t in the advert.

4. Walkers Crisps are all Mariah Carey wants this Christmas

Mariah Carey is supposed to be bringing people together for Christmas, but all she really wants is Walkers Crisps, and she will fight with Santa’s elf to keep them, before breaking any nearby glass with her highest pitch.

5. Iceland shares the magic of ‘Frozen’

Iceland is a premiere UK store selling frozen foods and they cleverly use the magic of the animated film “Frozen 2” in their ad (which is already in theaters!). With kids still in love with the first film, they can’t lose!

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