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4.5 Second Per Case: Sialkot Model Court Decides Record 1993 Cases in One Day

A model court in the Sialkot district has created a record by deciding 1993 cases of minor crimes in a single day. While the development was an attempt to clear the backlog, it has raised some eyebrows as well.
The report has sparked a new debate among the legal community. Some lawyers believe that the “stunt” is not about deciding the maximum number of cases but to manifest efficiency to the high-ups.
Commenting on the development, one of the lawyers said:
Usually, the courts operate from 9 pm to 4 pm. Deciding around 2000 cases in seven hours means each case took him not more than 5 seconds to decide. This is humanly impossible.
However, the Judicial Magistrate Syed Mehmood Afzal Shah seemed satisfied after creating a new record. He was unaware of the exact number of cases in different categories he ruled on.
His response to the question was:
I do my work the entire day, and most of the time, I work till late at night. I work from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm and sometimes till midnight, but litigants are only engaged in work till 5:00 pm.
Responding to the concerns that it was humanly impossible, he said:  “Everything is possible if you dare to do it.”
He refused to give the exact details on how many people were acquitted or how many were sent to probation, but added that “a lot of cases were referred to the probation department for counseling of the accused persons for their future betterment.”
Magistrate Mehmood Afzal highlighted that his court was established in on July 15, 2019, but November remained the best month by performance.

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