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22-year-old Samina dies in Lahore’s hospital after protesting lawyers remove oxygen mask

A man was forced to watch his young sister die on a ward of a Lahore’s medical facility after disruption to oxygen due to lawyers’ violent protest on Wednesday.
Samina, 22, was shifted to the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) in serious condition five days ago. She was breathing with the support of oxygen due to her deteriorating health condition.
According to her brother, lawyers stormed the hospital and entered the emergency ward when some protesters removed the oxygen mask of her daughter.
“May sister died in front of me while struggling to breathe and I was helpless,” the man who hails from Rawalpindi said while telling the heinous act by protesters.
“I don’t know where to get the justice for my daughter’s death,” he added.
Violent lawyers broke into the emergency ward of the PIC following alleged torture on a lawyer by doctors a few days ago.
According to media reports, the enraged lawyers broke windows of the emergency ward and several vehicles parked nearby the hospital. At least four patients died and over a dozen doctors were injured during the violence.
People at the hospital have been forced out into the lawns and patients have been left unattended. Doctors, paramedic staff and nurses either escaped or have been locked inside rooms.
The dispute between lawyers and doctors escalated after a video of alleged torture on a lawyer by doctors went viral sparked dispute after which lawyers went out of control.

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