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Twitterati condemn leaking of Rabi Pirzada’s private data

Twitterati condemn leaking of Rabi Pirzada’s private data
 Twitterati on Friday (yesterday) have strongly opposed leaking of Rabi Pirzada’s personal videos and called out the double standards of people who had been criticising the singer over the videos instead of the person who had leaked them to the public.
On Thursday, compromising videos of the singer leaked on social media and were shared by thousands of users. While some were quick to criticise the singer for making such videos, others pointed out the way she had been bullied by the person who leaked them in
Let's have a look at some of the tweets with #RabiPirzada hashtag:
Everyone has freedom of opinion here whether post+ or negt- you can argue with them, go prove them right or wrong but Oh, we're living in a society where sharing someone's privacy isn't a big deal either it's about someone's daughter or sister.

That's disgusting
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Actually We become Nation Where if Someone Say Something we instead of Proving the point wrong Likes to drag them down,
Where Negativity and Hate gets more Attention and People really want to see it and make these things viral
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If anyone needs our support, love and affection the most right now, she is . We should put hands together against blackmailing and harassment. Its her life she can do anything she wants. Stay the fuck in your own life.
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Leaking videos, ss, nude pictures.. It has become a trend now to defame somone whether it's fake or real, you don't have any right to bash someone's privacy. Everyone is same, it's just the matter of time who gets exposed first for whatever reason. Show some ethics..
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No doubt what she done wasn't acceptable But She is also A Daughter of someone so plz Remove All the link and video
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Rabi Pirzada is another victim of,

"Wada dekh k delete kar doun ga" 💔
وعدہ دیکھ کر ڈیلیٹ کر دونگا..
Dear Girls remember this, no one deletes anything at all. When you send something very PRIVATE (photo or video) in the name "Love or Fun", it can ruin your life.
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Whereas, Pirzada is seeking FIA's action against those involved in the privacy breach. She said that she had earlier sold her cell phone to a shop and her data must have been stolen from that phone. She added that she had also filed an application against that shop.
Rabi Pirzada seeks FIA action over personal data ...02:41 PM | 2 Nov, 2019
LAHORE - Lollywood star Rabi Pirzada has approached the Federal Investigation Agency after her videos went ...
Last month, CCTV footages of couples engaging in acts of intimacy in a cinema hall and a hospital’s private room were leaked on social media ostensibly by employees of both facilities. The scandal raised concerns about citizens’ privacy and brought the inefficiency of state institutions in protecting the rights of people into focus.
Under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016, an offender may be imprisoned for five years for violating a person’s privacy with or without a fine of Rs10 million. The law explicitly states that whoever facilitates the production and distribution of material that breaches someone’s privacy shall be liable to imprisonment for six months with or without a fine of Rs50,000.
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