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Samsung Starts Working on a Galaxy Tab That Folds Into a Passport

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold might have had a rocky start, but it certainly introduced the trend of foldables with many competitors following in with their iterations soon after. Now as per new reports, the Korean giant may be looking to explore the foldable design form factor for future tablets.
A newly surfaced patent from Samsung Electronics shows a Galaxy tablet that adopts the clamshell based folding design. This means that unlike the Galaxy Fold, the foldable Galaxy tablet will fold vertically like the recently released Motorola Razr. The hinge around the center of the display allows the device to fold into a size no bigger than a passport booklet.
The mock-up renders from LetsGoDigital also show what the device might look like in real life.
The patent doesn’t reveal many details, but the official images show an all-display design, meaning that Samsung might bring in an in-display front camera with the foldable Galaxy Tab.
The device might also overcome the biggest shortcoming on the Galaxy Fold – the fragile polymer screen. This is because Samsung has recently made a deal with Dowoo Insys for the exclusive supply of UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) for future foldables, which will eliminate the need for plastic folding screens.
However, since this is only a patent, it is unclear whether Samsung plans to bring this device into mass production.

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