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Plan9 selects 10 Start-ups at Four-day Launchpad-14 Event

 Ten tech-startups have successfully secured incubation at Plan9 Tech Incubator, a project of Punjab Information Technology Board established in 2012 with the vision of creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan.
Plan9 selects 10 Start-ups at Four-day Launchpad-14 Event
The event was held twice a year to select startups from all over the country and connects entrepreneurs, mentors, speakers, freelancers and tech companies with each other
The event kicked-off with Demo Day with more than 100 start-ups showcased their products & services at their stalls. Simultaneously, a panel talk was being run in the auditorium by prominent figures of the industry, with speakers Asad Sheikh, founder FoodiesRUs, Anooshay Shaigan, VP Courting the law, Usama Abid, Plan9 Alumni Founder DIYGeeks and Faisal Kamiran.
Day two was about getting all the startups Pitch Ready for the Elevator Pitch Round and on day three, elevator round, out of 90 startups 17 were selected for the Final Round. The final day of The Launchpad 14 began with the startups submitting their final pitch decks. In the end, ten startups were able to secure incubation and these were Design with AI, Altizam CBM, Cashbin, Abshaar, ScaryAmmi, Sakoon, DeafDevice, ScreenIT, Bike Enfield and Deutics.
All selected start-ups have wonderful tech ideas and will be given six months of training, space, stipend, technical & legal assistance by PITB. The startup “Design with AI” automates design using Artificial Intelligence. “Altizam CBM” is developing a product to make the data collection & analysis of industrial Machinery easier than ever through mobile applications and Business Intelligence tools. “Cashbin” is an innovative solution to make waste management process more efficient, easier and profitable for everyone, “Abshaar” is an innovative Water Optimiser that allows households and commercial property owners to save up to 98 % of water and saves between 40% to 60% of water motor electricity consumption. “ScaryAmmi” is an online motherhood and parenting platform for desi mothers.
“Sakoon” a mental health service application, with professional psychologists, and volunteers for those seeking convenient mental help. “DeafDevice” is working on Real-time Low-Cost Wearable Aid for Deaf-Mute to Build two-way Communication with a product. “ScreenIT” transforms the rear windows of cars into digital screens which display trackable content. “Bike Enfield” is providing a platform for purchasing and selling used bikes with plenty of features and “Deutics” is automated surveillance and monitoring control system through Artificial Intelligence.

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