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Panasonic launches world's smallest 6,000 Lumens Laser Portable Projector Range

Now available in the Middle East, the PT-VMZ Series uses Panasonic’s unique cooling technology, making it the world’s smallest and lightest LCD laser projector range in its lumens category

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Panasonic, strengthening its long-standing position as a global leader in projector technology , has announced the launch of a portable LCD laser projector range with the smallest and lightest dimensions in its lumens class.
With a weight of just 7.2kg, the five-model and compact-designed PT-VMZ Series will fit into any room and well-suited for transportation between collaborative environments in any business or private applications.
Available in WUXGA (1920×1200) or WXGA (1280×800) resolutions, these SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors also offer 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, made possible with Panasonic’s innovative cooling technology , refined from its higher brightness range. Furthermore, the PT-VMZ models feature a 1.6x zoom lens for short throw-distances, while the wide-range Vertical/Horizontal Lens-Shift aligns the image to fit the projection surface in moments, making the range particularly useful in limited spaces.
"Panasonic has been consistently stepping up its projector technology through the years and the PT-VMZ line-up is a strong testament to this continuing commitment. They are highly portable – thanks to the ingenious compact and lightweight design – yet you still get a premium suite of rich features and unmatched image quality.  They also support 4K signal input via HDMI and DIGITAL LINK, in addition to separate LAN and DIGITAL Link, making the range a future-proofed solution to projecting the latest image quality and content.  These projectors are no doubt ideal choices for our customers looking for an LCD laser solution that would suit any budget,” said Thameem Ahammed, Product Manager, Panasonic .
The PT-VMZ Line-up
Other key capabilities include:
  • Flexible Installation
A 1.09:1 throw-ratio and a wide horizontal and vertical lens-shift allow the creation of large images even in small spaces
  • High 3,000,000:1 contrast
High-precision digital laser light output modulation achieves 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast while minimizing power consumption. High-contrast performance adds depth, dimensionality, and realism to video, defining details in shadows even when bright and dark scenes frequently interchange.
  • Quick Start/Quick Off
The projector’s laser light-source does not need time to warm up.  There is no cool-down required, making it safe to switch the unit off at any time.
  • USB Memory Viewer function
Displays files stored in USB memory devices without needing a computer.
  • Optional wireless projection capability
Panasonic has developed an original Wireless Projector app that allows users to share documents or images from their own devices no matter where they are sitting, without cable hassle.

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