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Mira Sethi marries childhood friend

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Wedding season is here and Mira Sethi just got hitched in a hush-hush and private affair.
Sethi had announced her engagement in November last year. The Dil Banjaara actor got married to her childhood family friend, Bilal M. Siddiqi .
Mira took to Instagram to share some aww-worthy pictures from the wedding ceremony that took place in San Francisco two weeks ago.
"I did my own makeup, scooped my hair into a ponytail, and married the love of my life. Two weeks before the wedding , at Burning Man, I painted love of life’s nails while the love of life was asleep. Love of life woke up, looked at the hand, smiled, and went on with his day. Two weeks later he strolled into the wedding venue with these nails. I love him, and here are some photos of this crazily delightful day," wrote Sethi.
They also had a nikkah and mehndi ceremony in Lahore with close friends and family. Mira made a simple yet pretty bride having no care in the world, enjoying all of her wedding festivities.
The man of many talents Ali Sethi sang a beautiful rendition of "Aaj Janey Ki Zidd Na Karo" for his sister at her mehndi event. 
Mira's friend and co-star, Adnan Malik shared a heartfelt message for the newly married couple, saying, "I’ve known to be cynical about the institution of marriage, mainly because I don’t see a lot of solid examples of what a good relationship should look and feel like. But in @mira.sethi and @bilalmsiddiqi case, its a rare example of how much positive change two people can bring into each other’s lives. I’ve seen Mira bloom so beautifully under his kind and thoughtful gaze.
This is the stuff marriages should be made of playfulness, trust, communication, problem-solving and deep care.
Mubarak ho meray Doston, you two, individually (and your jori, singularly) are beautiful in every sense of the word."
Here's wishing the newlyweds a happy married life ahead!  Source

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