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PM Imran to inaugurate “Ehsaas aur Kifalat” Programme today

Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate “Ghurbat Mitao Programme” today (Wednesday) in Islamabad.
The premier will inaugurate the programme entitled as “Ehsaas aur Kifalat” (care and support) during a ceremony scheduled to be held at the Convention Centre in the federal capital.
Rs120 billion has been earmarked for a big expansion of the programme aiming to achieve a primary objective to eliminate poverty by enhancing development across the country.
According to media reports, through poverty alleviation programme, financial assistance will be provided to widows, orphaned, transgender persons and elderly persons.
Benazir Income Support Programme Chairperson Dr Sania Nishtar will give details of the programme during the ceremony.
The PM has already approved the programme on Tuesday in a meeting with Dr Sania Nishtar. During the meeting, the PM said that the government has been taking effective measures for eliminating poverty.
Chairperson Benazir Income Support Program, Dr. Sania Nishtar called on Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad today.
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The care for people is the utmost priority of the government,” he stated, adding that the government would mobilise all available resources to alleviate poverty.

According to sources, welfare projects like Pakistan Baitul Maal, Zakat and Usher and Benazir Income Support Programme would be merged into the organisation.
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