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Celebs praise PM Imran Khan on his speech regarding Pulwama terror attack

Addressing the nation on Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan denied any involvement made by his government in the brutal Pulwama terror attack that resulted in the death of 40 CRPF soldiers. He promised that his government will extend full support if India provides ‘actionable intelligence’ on the Pulwama terror attack.
“I would like to make the Indian government an offer, If you have actionable evidence, share it with us. We will take action. Not because we are under pressure, but because it is our policy,” he said.
I am saying this clearly, this is a new Pakistan...and it is in our interest not to allow anyone from Pakistan to go outside and carry out attacks, or to allow anyone from the outside to come to Pakistan and carry out attacks.

- PM Imran Khan
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The Prime Minister also said the country would act against any individual who used Pakistani soil to plan or execute the attack.
Khan’s powerful speech was praised by celebrities and fans alike. Armeena Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ali Zafar and many others lauded the PM and his stance on the matter via Twitter.
Here’s what they had to say:
 Armeena Khan
BBC is this what heard you from the whole speech? We heard an invitation to dialogue, peace offering, cooperation, rejecting escalating violence and not pushing each other into corners. Let me correct your headline for you: “PM offers new solutions to old problems.”
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Hamza Ali Abbasi
I really hope the Indian masses can listen to PM Imran Khan's words & realise what kind of nonsense thr media is feeding them on orders from thr Govt.
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Ali Zafar
Listen with an open heart and mind devoid of ego, bias or hatred. If can’t, listen again after a few days in a moment of peace. # above all. PM Imran Khan Address To The Nation | Pulwama Attack | 19 Feb 2019 - YouTube 
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Shaan Shahid

Prime Minister’s speech clearly indicated that both countries should make peace and resolve their ongoing issues. He also warned India of retaliation in the occurrence of any aggressive military measures by New Dehli following allegations of Islamabad’s hand in orchestrating the Pulwama suicide attack.

“Pakistan will not think about retaliation, we will retaliate. You will leave us with no other option,” said Khan.

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