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The Year of the Pakistan Military

The Pakistani military is the star of 2019. For the first time in a decade, it has a government in Islamabad that will not allow foreign political engineering that destabilized the country after 2008. The military has defeated religious and separatist insurgencies on the western borders, busted foreign terror and spy networks, and is working again with Washington on a win-win in Afghanistan.
That’s not all. Kashmir is draining India’s energies again, there is a renewed global interest in that conflict, and India no longer appears as invincible now with worsening social and religious fault lines and trade disagreements with the United States and Europe.
Things are so good it is hard to imagine this is the same military that faced popularity issues during Musharraf government, suffered a dangerous rupture in ties with America, and grappled with India increasing its clout in the region and internationally.
Today, a retired general from the Pakistani military is engaging the militaries of 41 nations in creating a regional security umbrella. The Army chief openly attends a Christmas event at a church, China pumps billions into a regional connectivity project centered on Pakistan, and allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, and Malaysia, among others, want to help Islamabad overcome economic troubles.
Charter of Democracy, signed in London was a pact that solemnized epic corruption in Pakistan; legalized 40 years of massive mismanagement, graft, incompetence, benefiting families in PMLN and PPP.
The massive, epic corruption of 2008-2018 is bigger, more sophisticated than anything even by our standards. And yes specific politicians are involved in this breathtaking tale.
You can’t defend it by referring to DHA lands.
But yes, let’s investigate everything. Bring it all. But using DHA/Ayub/etc as an excuse to delay action now is not acceptable. Has to start somewhere.
Remember: When you act against political corruption, you preempt corruption in civil & military bureaucracies, which otherwise thrives.
Pakistani military has understood that political corruption can lead to military corruption and decay. Military has learned from Musharraf years. The State, by acting against political corruption, is saving our civilian and military bureaucracies too. Let’s pray the State succeeds.
An excellent key point against the 18th Amendment is that it devolves power to the provinces, but the provinces refuse to devolve power to ordinary Pakistani citizens. This happens because the political parties refuse to share power at local govt level with ordinary Pakistanis and want to concentrate power in the hands of the rich and powerful.
The spirit of the Constitution of Pakistan rests on two key principles: strengthening the State and serving the people. The 18th Amendment fails in both because political parties in the provinces won’t devolve power. Hence, the state is being weakened and citizens are not getting their rights in services.
In the current circumstances, the 18th Amendment becomes a problem, not a solution.

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