Samsung to launch foldable smartphone next month

PARIS — South Korean tech giant Samsung has announced to unveil its foldable Galaxy F on February 20.
To tease the tech-savvy buffs, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer has placed billboards in Place de la Concorde, Paris that reads “The future unfolds on February 20” (in Korean).
The phone was announced late last year, but few details were given. It was also demoed at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 for a select audience.
However, little has been made public about it – even the name hasn’t been confirmed (“Galaxy F” is more of a placeholder).
Along with its foldable smartphone, the Seoul-based company will be going to launch at least three Galaxy S10 variants: flat-screened Galaxy S10 E; Vanilla Galaxy S10, with a bigger curved screen; and UD fingerprint scanner and the range-topping Galaxy S10 Plus.

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