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Samsung insiders reveals company’s plan for Galaxy S10s and foldable smartphone

South Korean tech giant Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S10s in February next year.
According to the report by Bloomberg, the company’s insider revealed the plans for early part of 2019; the company is working on three Galaxy S10 smartphones and one of the Galaxy S10 could be a 5G-ready.
The three S10 will include a more affordable version to appeal to the widest range of customers.
The report further stated that Samsung is planning to unveil its foldable smartphone in the first quarter of 2019.

Galaxy S10 lineup

A 5.8-inch dual-curved AMOLED display, triple camera setup on the back (regular, ultra-wide and telephoto), in-display fingerprint scanner, and under the display selfie camera.
The Plus model will be essentially the same, but with a larger display.
The entry-level Galaxy S10 will have a flat AMOLED display and will likely get a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, however, no camera information available for this smartphone.
All the S10 smartphones will come with Android 9.0 Pie OS out of the box.

Foldable Smartphone

For the foldable smartphone, the reports state that the company will be looking to dominate a niche market with the potential to grow, as currently none of the smartphone manufacturers offers a foldable-screen phone, although Huawei is hoping to deliver one soon.
The folding phone apparently won’t include an in-display fingerprint sensor because of technical difficulties with the screen technology. It’s said to include a four-inch display that can be used when the phone is closed, with a much larger screen on the inside that unfolds like a wallet.
Samsung a few days ago posted a video for its developer conference that contains a blink-and-you-miss-it teaser that foldable handsets might be discussed at the event. The clip shows the profile of what could be a foldable device that’s being opened and then folded out to be used in tablet mode.
The message is also pretty clear. We’re at the crossroads “between the present and the future,” and Samsung’s event is where “now meets next.”
The crossroads between the present and the future – Samsung Developer Conference is where you’ll meet the knowledge needed to stay on tech’s cutting edge.
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However, as the device is in its development phase and Samsung plans to accompany smartphone division chief DJ Koh to the event to present a detailed conceptual image of the phone, its features and user interface.
Finally, the insider report claims that Samsung is mulling over ditching the headphone jack but it may push the decision further back.

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